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Anti-Aging Facials at Eco-Spa in the Clonmel Park Hotel

Anti-Aging Facials at Eco-Spa in the Clonmel Park Hotel

This month’s hot topic at Eco Spa is ‘Gua Sha’ Facials.

This ancient Chinese method of massage dating back as far as 2000 years plus, is favoured by skincare gurus and facialist’s searching for a more natural approach to ageing.

The word itself: Gua Sha, composing of two Chinese words, ‘Gua’ – meaning to rub and ‘Sha’ a type of stagnant energy that causes heat to build up in pockets of the face.

Facial ‘Gua Sha’ is a technique in which specifically crafted, hand held genuine jade tools are used to rejuvenate the skin. Benefits include, helping smooth out the appearance of wrinkles by increases blood flow, leaving the skin more oxygenated with a radiant glow.

Massage itself is synonymous with aiding collagen production, by stimulating blood flow through vigorous movements and techniques. Similar to the concept of dry brushing on the body, the Jade Gua Sha Stones or Rollers, whichever your tool of choice, are glided over the face and neck with a relatively gentle pressure. This upward & outward movement facilitates in lymphatic drainage, draining fluid travelling through lymph nodes under the ear lobe that may have become stagnant in areas causing puffiness on the face or eye.

‘Pair your facial massage routine with a face oil specific to your skin needs and see your skin reap the rewards’, says Spa Manager Laura. Aside from lymph drainage, this method of massage is a great way to release stress build up in the face or a tense jawline. If crystal healing is your thing, jade is known as the ‘dream stone’ and said to eliminate negative energy, along with attaching good luck.

Eco Spa at the Clonmel Park Hotel has just launched a monthly promotion that incorporates the ‘Gua Sha’ massage as part of their one-hour holistic experience.

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