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Don’t Sweat the Small Things!

Don’t Sweat the Small Things!

Don’t Sweat the Small Things!

With as much wedding planning as the very best organisers can do in advance of your special day, you will never plan for the unexpected.

The lovely image below demonstrates this point exactly...

With the most beautiful gowns and the most organised brides little things will always pop up on the day that you never planned or expected.

Our advice is to 'Don't sweat the small things'!

Stay calm, and everything can be sorted! Never let the little things over shadow what your special day is all about... at the end of the day the day is all about you both, the wedding couple!!!

Who knew our own Laura was so handy with a sewing needle, another one of her wonderful talents 🤣🤣

Thanks so much to our beautiful bride Marie for this great photo...

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