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Festive Preparation at the Eco Spa in the Clonmel Park Hotel

Festive Preparation at the Eco Spa in the Clonmel Park Hotel

Festive Preparation at the Eco Spa in the Clonmel Park Hotel


This festive season is well and truly upon us, and the Eco Spa at the Clonmel Park Hotel have two new treatments to get you party ready!

‘Our newest luxury treatment is the ‘LED Glow Facial’, aptly named ‘the magic one’ by its founder, and this facial does not disappoint’, says Spa Manager Laura. Light therapy has been clinically proven, used by dermatologists and skincare professionals the world over, even NASA have dabbled with LED for healing and cell growth purposes, making it perfectly safe on the skin and UV free.

The LED ‘Glow Facial’ consists of a cleanse, gentle but effective, an AHA peel to remove dead skin cells, followed by a customised serum specific to client’s skin needs. Next, the LED Light Therapy Face Device is applied to penetrate the lower layers. The LED mask has five frequency’s, namely; Red Light – periodically used by Nasa to encourage cell growth, similarly used in the beauty field to stimulate collagen and elastin production, making it a fantastic anti-ageing device. Yellow Light has a calming effect on the skin, ideal for sensitive skin or rosacea. Blue Light works on acne or skin prone to breakouts, by helping kill the bacteria that causes this. Green Light aids in the reduction of pigmentation, and White Light promotes healing and repair, each setting stimulates the skins natural repair by cell regeneration. The treatment concludes with the Dermalogica’s Dynamic SPF 50 moisture application. Skin is left rejuvenated, with a healthy glow post treatment.


The second new offering at the Eco Spa is the ‘LVL Lash Lift’, standing for length, volume and lift. A revolutionary lash phenomenon that reveals your natural lashes in all their glory. Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, the LVL effect is about freedom, and making the most of what you have with just that bit extra.

For more information on any of the above treatments or any other treatments at the Eco Spa please contact any of the team by  Tel: 0526188709 Email: or check out our the Award Winning facilities on


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