Breakfast Time at The Clonmel Park Hotel

They say that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, so start the day the right way at the Clonmel Park Hotel.

To enjoy your breakfast, we have two options for you to choose from:

1.     Choose to have your breakfast in Wheat Bar Bistro 


2.      Room Service delivered directly to your room 


·         It is important that you fill in the breakfast menu card located on the inside of your bedroom door. This is where you choose your preferred breakfast option.

·         Your breakfast menu card then needs to be placed outside your bedroom door by 9pm the night before. Forgetting to do this the night before, will result in delayed service the following morning.

·         If you are opting to have your breakfast in your bedroom, then please select your preferred time slot as per the breakfast menu card.

·         Opting to have your breakfast in Howards Restaurant, then please contact guest services to reserve your table by dialling ‘0’.

·         In Howards Restaurant, you will be greeted by your host who will bring you to your table, where your breakfast offering will be plated, and delivered directly to your table. We do not offer a breakfast buffet.


Please choose your choice of juice from the following:

Apple Juice - sp

Orange Juice - sp

Cranberry Juice - sp


Please choose 1 option per person:

Cornflakes - wh, sp

Rice Krispies - wh, sp, mk

All Bran - wh, mk

Weetabix - wh, mk

Muesli - wh, mk

Coco Pops - wh, nk, sp

Fresh Fruit Salad served in a light fruit flavoured sugar syrup - sp

Porridge - Creamy Oats served with honey – dy, sp, wh

All of the above served with Natural Yoghurt or Fresh Milk


Please choose 1 option per person:

Option 1: Full Irish Breakfast

Grilled dry-cured bacon, fresh pork sausage, roasted tomato, grilled white & black pudding, crispy hash brown, baked beans - wh sp eg

Please select your choice of egg: Fried Egg / Scrambled Egg / Poached Egg


Option 2: Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes with maple syrup and sugar - wh, eg, dy, sp

Option 3: Home-made crispy Belgian Waffles with maple syrup and icing sugar- wh eg dy sp

Option 4: Selection of hand cured & cut-meats served with local & European cheeses - dy sp


Please choose 1 option per person:

Selection of freshly baked Danish pastries - dy, wh, eg

Home baked fresh butter croissants – dy, wh, eg

Selection of Muffins – dy, wh, eg, tn

Toasted brown or white bread served with butter and selection of jams or marmalade - wh dy, sp

Freshly baked Clonmel Park Homemade brown bread - wh, lp, dy, eg


Please note that we can provide a selection of gluten-free and vegetarian options also so please just ask!


Hot Beverages

Please choose 1 option per person:

Breakfast Tea

Filtered Coffee


Your Allergan Guide

Peanuts                                    PN

Tree Nuts                                  TN

Sesame                                      SE

Wheat                                        WH

Lupin                                           LP

Eggs                                            EG

Milk                                            MK

Soya                                         SY

Fish                                           FH

Crustaceans                             CS

Molluscs                                   MS

Celery                                       CY

Mustard                                   MD

Sulphites                                  SP


Our Suppliers

Bacon, Black & White Pudding - Heaney Meats Galway

Eggs - Melleray Eggs, Cappoquinn, Co. Waterford

Sausages & Hash Browns - Pallas Foods

Dairy - Avonmore Dairies

Bread - Irish Pride

Homemade Brown Bread – Made by Trish at the Clonmel Park Hotel