Picture Perfect Weddings

Are you looking for the perfect wedding photographs? Within a short 5-minute drive of the Clonmel Park Hotel is the beautiful St. Patricks well which needs to be on your wedding check list! It is a beautiful setting, full of greenery, the sound of flowing waters and a stillness enjoyed by many butterflies. The area also has a small church that dates from the 17th century and houses the altar tomb of the White family. Making your wedding photographs unique and extremely memorable.

St. Patrick's Well Clonmel

History of St. Patricks Well Saint Patrick’s well in Clonmel is one of the holy wells in all of Ireland. It is situated at the bottom of a long set of winding steps, shaded by a few trees in a small glen only a few minutes’ drive from the hotel. As you approach it, the waters from the well flow into a large and shallow pond with an ancient Irish stone cross set upon a small island in the middle. It is thought that this cross date to the fifth century. For such a large holy well and surrounding site, it is amazing just how little is actually known about this area, but it is thought that Saint Patrick passed through here and may have used this place to bathe or to baptize. For more information on this beautiful setting please click here.